We have assisted our clients in the development and implication of accounting systems; provided guidance on the collection of debts; challenged Canada Revenue Agency on various tax-sensitive issues; and compiled financial information on behalf of clients for provision to financial institutions, ACOA and all taxing authorities.


Income tax planning is a major part of our overall accounting practice. It is essential to have the ability to make profits; however, it is just as essential to be able to save as much of these profits from the taxing authorities. With proper planning this can be achieved with the assistance of Our Firm. One area of great potential in income tax savings is the implementation of a Family Trust. This is a complex area of planning but the rewards are great when properly planned. For additional information on this topic and others which may be pertinent to your Situation, please contact us.


Through our dedicated team, we advise on almost every aspect of a business at any stage of development - from startup through growth and diversification to transition. Our clients tap into us for strategies to minimize taxes, maximize profits, grow their businesses, enhance their net worth, preserve and transfer wealth, and prepare for a financially secure retirement.


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